Monday, June 13, 2016

"Never say goodbye" -Peter Pan

It is bittersweet to be writing my last blog post tonight for North Hero School. I have enjoyed every moment in this community. Your children and your support have what made it the most amazing and heart felt experience any educator should be honored to endure. The early mornings, busy days and late nights were never thought about because I woke up everyday excited for work. Excited to see the students, parents and coworkers who became like family to me. 

Thank you to everyone who believed and supported me. I hope that this is not goodbye, but "see you later" where our paths cross again. Thank you! 

Celebration of Third and Fourth Grade!

To celebrate all of the hard work and perseverance from our year, we cooled off by having an ice-cream party! The students and I enjoyed this time together to talk about summer plans, our favorite parts of the year and were able to have conversations other than academics. This moment was very special for me and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! 

Reports! Get your Reports!

After a few long days of some serious project time, Room 138 created outstanding book report projects. Their goal was to create something tangible that represented their book. Their presentation included a description and write up of their book along with explanation of the project they chose. When you let children go with a few art supplies and a little space, amazing creations are made. 
Great job third and fourth graders!

Children Authors "Visit"

We were so honored to have 16 children book authors come into school to read one of their published books to the Kinderstars. Room 138 worked so hard through the writing process and the final product was a written and illustrated Fairy Tale book. After much studying and investigating of well written Fairy Tales, we used the elements found to create our own or adapt a familiar tale. 

Friday, June 3, 2016


Fourth graders were able to join me last week in a few STEM projects. This task was to use a rubber band, string and teamwork to make a pyramid with the cups, with no hands! It was tricky but once they all communicated they were able to accomplish the task! 

These readers are so BRIGHT!

We did some major cleaning up of our understanding of the book report books we have been reading. We needed a clear head and a clear spot to read, so we took advantage of this amazing day! I am so excited to see these projects next week! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jump Rope For Heart

Students spent some time fundraising the past few weeks to support the American Heart Association. On Monday they completed their Jump Rope For Heart Challenge. During PE and as a whole school, students partnered up and switched on and off in order to jump their hearts out!
Great job everyone!